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Troop Cheer


Rickety Rackety Shackety Town

Who can put Troop 26 down

Nobody, Nobody, AYE

Nobody, Nobody, AYE

When Your Up, Your UP

When Your Down, Your Down

When Your Against 26 Your Upside Down

Yea 26

Yea 26



Who We Are

Established in 1943 we have been Scouting for 80 years and counting.

We are located out of the St. Ursula Parish in Parkville, Maryland. we are apart of the Baltimore Area Council.  In keeping with the Boy Scout motto we are active in the Parkville community helping those in need, while learning the skills needed to become more versatile scouts.

We meet Wednesday evenings between September and May

We camp one weekend a month between September and May

We camp one full week every summer.

Learn more on our Facebook page.

Uniform and Insignia of the Boy Scouts 


Merit Badge Sash: If worn, merit badges are attached to front (and back, if needed) of sash.  Venture/Varsity letter is attached at bottom front corner.


Shoulder Epaulets: Red shoulder loops identify Boy Scouting (all membersd of a troop).  Blaze loops identify Varisty Scouting.


Left Sleeves: Council patches, unit numeral, and badge of office are worn snug up, touching each other. Badge of office is centered below and touches unti numeral. The veteran unit bar is positioned above and touching troop numeral and in turn tiuching council patch. Den chief cord is worn over the left shoulder and under epaulet.


Left Pocket: Service stars above the pocket. If a medal or embroidered knot for youth members is worn, service stars are raised. Embroidered square knots are worn centered above the pocket in rows of three.  


Right Sleeve: U.S. flag. Only the most recently earned Quality Unit Award may be worn below patrol emblem or below Baden-Powell Patrol Star. 


Right Pocket:  Jamboree insiginia  worn above BSA or intrepreter strip. Order of the Arrow lodge insignia worn on pocket flap. Nameplate is worn centered on the flap of the pocket. 

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